Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Brecken's Loose tooth
My baby has done it too me again.  He is getting too big.  So he had this loose tooth and he wanted Grammy to pull it out.  She came to conference but said it wasn't loose enough so he would have to wait until Disney Land for her to pull it out.  But the next day after she left he said he was hurting to bite his food.  So James said he would pull it out.  I said it must of gotten more loose after eating an apple, so  he said let me eat another apple then dad can pull it.  So here it is his last apple, his last smile with all baby teeth.  Then dad put the string on his tooth.  Then on the door.  Brittin said dad you have to slam it and Brecken said you have to slam the door on my tooth?  He was thinking I don't want to do this but then we explained.  If you look in the picture Brittin is sitting behind plugging her ears because she doesn't want to hear the screams.  She said if this were her she would be screaming and crying but Brecken really doesn't do that.  Well after 5 times of James shutting the door the tooth still hadn't come out.  He started blamming Brecken for his head being down and so now Brecken didn't want to do it any more because it was hurting, So Brittin reminded him again he has to slam it.  Then she ran up stairs to get away from the screaming ( what she would have been doing if the tooth was in her mouth)  So Dad slammed it the tooth flew, the string splattered blood all over the door and Brecken started crying.  But then the thought of the tooth fairy came into his head so he calmed down.  After school Logan and Kolbryn were telling him how the tooth fairy isn't real and all you get is 1 penny and how horrible it is that he should just keep his tooth.  But he put it under his pillow and in the morning woke up bright and early looking for his gift he said she didn't come. I went in and said lets turn on the light and there is was next to his bed.  well he got a lego guy and $1.  The first thing he did was run into Logans room and showed him, Logan yells that's not fair all I got was a penny, then he wants to run into Kolbryn's room but he is still asleep, so her runs and tells dad who is a sleep and he says cool, then Brecken turns around and say cool I don't have to pay Tithing.  Those were his first words.  How funny.  He goes down stairs and starts talking about how the Tooth fairy gave it to help so he is lucky no Tithing.  Then Kolbryn wakes up and sees and says that is his Lego guy and they start fighting so that wakes up DADDY and they both get sent to the knotty corner.  That is how our house is for the greatest High to the Lowest lows in the matter of seconds.  All day long he keeps saying how cool it is that he can stick is tongue through the hole and then he just learned how to suck his lip into his mouth.  So he loves it.

Brittin on Picture day.  She said mom I want my hair curly.  Well every other time I try to curl her hair we spend all this time doing it and then once the curls are in she hates it because it is so Fluffy and she sicks her head under the water and goes to school with horrible hair and then we are late and wasted time.  So I told her this is the last time, your hair will look different, not bad just different but it looks good.  She trusted me and it does look good.  When she got home from school she said mom we didn't get pictures until after lunch, meaning that she had already had 2 recesses. And if you know Brittin that means soccer and wind.  So who knows what her picture will look like, so she might not trust me next year if the picture is horrible.

Brecken on his Second soccer team.  These were kids in the neighborhood.  They practice right behind the house so I couldn't pass up that.  We won every game but the last game.  Usually the score was 17 to 1 but the last game was tough.  We still had fun.  Brecken is an animal, I hope he keeps it up.  He would sit on the bench as cheer for his team and tell them how good they were.  One day Nana and Papa came to watch and when we were driving to the game I was telling the other cars, get out of the way we have a super soccer star in the car and then he started yelling it at the cars.  He really likes to play sports and be with his friends.  He would score around 7 points a game and always say yes!!!! One time 2 kids were standing in the middle of the goal and he kicked it in and turned around and said How in the world did that get in there?  There was no way it could get  in there but I did it.  He talked about that for weeks.  Also at his first soccer practice, at the end the kids were just messing around and it was 2 kids against him scrimmaging and he beat them and he kept saying I'm the best one on the team, I could beat two boys against me.  He is very humble.

Brecken's First day of Kindergarten.  He has been waiting all his life for this day.  He got a good seat. He had gotten some temporary tattoos the day before and he chose to put them on his face and arms.
The end of the day he got a cupcake and a little note that said My first day was a piece of cake.  I asked him how he like it and he started crying and said.  I have my teacher she said we can't go on the monkey bars.  She is the worst teacher ever.  I said I would talk with her and ask why, well I guess the new rule is no monkey bars for Kindergarteners because of how many got hurt.  So now he likes his teacher.  The principal came in and said you guys are so lucky you have the best teacher at the Whole school.  Brecken came home and said this to me and said  I wonder how I got so Lucky.  He is so cute.

Brittin went to the BYU against UofU women soccer game and  got her face painted.  She got to walk the BYU girls out on the field and then play at half time on the field.   She could have asked for Nothing better.  I couldn't believe what a women soccer game looked like.  It was very intense and physical.  I don't know if I want Brittin playing college soccer any more.  Byu had the ball on the other end of the field all the time but the U got it away one time and scored.  So BYU lost, but Brittin got the BYU players to sign her soccer ball.  Her old one got stolen last year and James got her a new one but she has to earn it back by doing 20 juggles in a row,  Hasn't happen yet.

First day of school for the Kids.  James came and is bored watching me help direct people to the right class.
Kolbryn got the teacher he wanted,  Brittin got hurt during P.E. playing crab soccer and Brecken got to be home by himself for a day.  He started school a week later for Kindergarten.  Logan wouldn't let me get a picture he was too cool to stand still or to let people see him any where around his mom.  I wanted a picture of the 3 on the school sign and Brittin refused to be close to her brothers.  She wanted to go home.  Brittin and James went showing and bought her shirt for the first day of school.

Friday, August 3, 2012


We finally went to the zoo to see the bears, it was really fun and we got to see the bird show too.  Their favorite thing was when we went to the gorillas.  There were 3 gorillas inside one place, right when we walked in they started fighting with each other ( the gorillas) it wouldn't be news if my kids were fighting.  Well I guess one gorilla scratched the other so then the zoo keepers separated then the big gorilla started beating his chest and it was really exciting.  Last time we went to the zoo and saw the bird show the owl flew away and then they couldn't get him back so they canceled the show and went hunting for the owl.  So we always leave with a story.